San Francisco Live Streaming Video Service

Amaze Studios is very experienced in live streaming. Extend the reach of live events in San Francisco Bay by streaming HD video for a remote audience. Event planners and marketers can present amazing and engaging virtual meetings by using professional-grade gear to communicate with participants. We help you get live quickly and ensure you empower your social media with live video for better engagement.

By outsourcing your live streaming, you can leave it to us to to ensure your remote audiences get the best live multi-camera video with live edit and graphic overlays over the internet in real time. From start to finish, we use expertise and the latest technologies to reach your goals by removing any guesswork. If you need live consulting so you can do this on your own, we can help there too!

Our Focus

Chose your destination platform! No Problem!

Amaze Studios can professionally stream your event live to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, your own custom built webpage, or all of them simultaneously! Have me onsite with my professional gear or remote. The choice is yours.

Stream to a business page, a private group, or create a watch party! We can even highlight comments or questions from your audience!

If you want to reach a large audience, this is the way to go. You can also embed the livestream to a custom webpage on your site! The choice is yours.

Confused with how to stream with professional results?

We understand that there’s a lot to learn about increasing your production value. How do you differentiate yourself from a standard zoom video, how do you get around stream buffering and bad audio?

If you want to invest in the gear and have time to learn this on your own, I have made hours of free tutorials so that you and your team can learn this on your own!

Sometimes the best way to learn is to teach.

Check out my free Tutorials!

Video production since 1990


We don't actively promote our services but word has been getting around that we provide high quality work at reasonable prices. What do you have your 10,000 hours in? For us, it's video production and branding.


He created a brand he can utilize his passion and skills sharpened after nearly 30 years working in the marketing and business industry.

Consulting Services

Need help planning your live stream gear for your company or business? Hire by the hour to get one and one time to answer your pressing questions!

Technical Director

There is one owner, Gary Cruz, and he's been doing video production since high school. He started Amaze Studios with some friends in in Washington DC in 1997 when he was a creative director at a web startup.

Next level streams

We can take your live streams to the next level, make your life easier, make your look ten times better while saving you time and money.

Consulting Info

Onsite Live Switching

Need a relatively simple video service but with professional results? We can bring our TV studio production gear on location and work with your deadlines with professional results!

Remote Production

Your presenters can be at home or office regardless of where they are in the world. We can broadcast to FaceBook, YouTube, or both in HD and show live comments!

Fair Pricing

Live streaming shouldn't be exclusive to wealthy corporations. We have worked with Non-Profit organizations because we love to make a difference.

How should I use live -streaming for my virtual event and what are the costs?

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Amaze Studios is available globally as a Technical Director to produce elite quality live video services that help your small business engage their customers, employees & business partners.

San Francisco Bay Area

We can be on site to broadcast to Facebook Live or YouTube with Multiple cameras. These can be embedded on your webpage!

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