How to go Live with Zoom on Facebook or YouTube

Learn how to do a LIVE Interview on Facebook (Facebook Live with 2+ People). If you’re looking to host a live interview on Facebook, the best way to do it now is with Skype since it uses NDI. NDI allows you to easily switch full screen videos of any of your participants. Unfortunately, not many people like to use Skype even though they are owned by Microsoft.

Zoom became very popular despite many of its security issues. Unfortunately, it takes a lot more manual setup than Skype to create a nice looking interview. Most people broadcast straight to Facebook or Youtube right from Zoom, but if you want a more polished look, this is where a software switcher like Ecamm live comes in.

Zoom requires more setup

With Skype the audio is can also be routed. You can use system audio with Zoom, but you’ll get better control of your audio with software called LoopBack.

Loopback enables you to combine the audio from multiple sources, including microphones and applications like Ecamm Live, then provide that combined audio to voice chat applications to be heard by all participants.

Use Ecamm Screenshare or Virtual Cam

Your Zoom participants typically only see a camera. If you want them to see what is being broadcast, you’ll need to use Virtual Camera, Screenshare (in Ecamm), or loop through a HDMI capture card to bring the video back into Zoom. Otherwise, if they try to watch on YouTube or Facebook, it will very delayed (and can cause echo if their audio is loud enough)

Tips for better streaming video