How to LiveStream a Graduation with the Students on Zoom and Faculty on Skype

This is a how-to video on a full virtual graduation with no one face to face. Since Shelter In Place (SIP) was still in effect, Mercy HSB had to have their graduation ceremony online. Since I haven’t seen any other tutorials on how to combine the live video of the students at home using Zoom, with the faculty (also at home) presenting through Skype, I created this video hoping this can help others in a similar situation. Even though we had a slight hiccup with one of the pre-recorded videos not playing properly, I’ve been pretty happy with Ecamm Live as a live-streaming platform.

View the Mercy High School Burlingame Graduation Edited Livestream here:

With the current pandemic and Shelter In Place / Social Distancing rules in place in the United States, graduation ceremonies have shifted to a digital graduation. Here are some tips on how you can help your school enable a virtual graduation.

Prepare for an online graduation