Has the most users, but might show ads over your content.

Facebook Live

Focused engagement, but some may not have facebook.


Costs money, but you have total control with no ads.

Live streaming package samples and pricing

Remote Live Streaming

Technical Director
  • 3 hrs pre-production
  • 1 Technical Director
  • 2 LiveStream Platforms

Live Streaming Consulting

One and One
$3000per hour
  • Review your setup
  • Camera gear
  • Audio and Software

Example use cases


Broadcast company wide meetings


From graduations to fund raisers

Live Musical

Concerts, musicals, and plays


Expand your reach for conventions


Live training with enhanced engagement through Q&A


We have discounts for fundraising events for a good cause.

What We Do

We love live video. In today’s consumer world, we are already used to the emotional and resonating connection with audiences through live streaming. Companies that leverage live video today are seizing the opportunity to enhance the experience for employees, partners, and customers alike. Video and social media are like peanut butter and jelly. Online live video is expected on social media. How many times have your heard someone say, “Let me see if it’s on YouTube”?

Social Media

We help you integrate with and leverage social media more effectively with live content.

Website Integration

Engage your remote audience with a branded live experience that call users to action.


After the event, rich data from our analytics will show what worked and what can be improved.

Record in HD

We record every stream for you to share with your audience or for archival purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions not answered here, feel free to contact us via one of the social media platforms.

Yes, they can be guest speakers or an edited slideshow with music (as long as it doesn’t use copyrighted music).

Absolutely! We have multiple dry runs of testing before each live stream. We require an internet speed test, and we do a full run with all parties involved the day before or the morning of the event.

Unfortunately, there is no way to put links on a video, but you can put a scannable QR code, use a short URL in a graphic, or provide a link in the description in the video.

Yes, you can see how many are watching live on each platform, but we also provide metrics on unique visitors, total hits, and geographic data depending on your CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Clients we have served

See details on how you can have a successful livestream with remote help from a technical director.

Remote Live Streaming