2020 Election Livestream to German Network News

The Biden vs Trump election for 2020 was a hot topic not only for the United States, but for Europe! Much of the equipment listed below are owned either by the SF Correspondent or by Amaze Studios and does not mean the TV Network endorses these products. This is a behind the scenes post on one of the many ways we can get quality broadcast video to network TV.

Livestream Setup

Why Amaze Studios?

I met Marcus Schuler through YouTube surprisingly. He is a local correspondent for ARD and BR, German news networks (think CNN but bigger). He reached out to me to ask questions about his ATEM Studio setup for his guests coming in via Skype. See my Skype setup video here.

Knowing the equipment inside and out is a must. I also worked in Radio and Broadcast TV in the past, so my industry background also helped.

ClientARD TelevisionServicesLive StreamingYear2020Linkhttps://www.ard.de/

Behind the scenes video

Instagram Posts

" Gary keeps track of even the most hectic live situations. The depth of his technical knowledge is extensive and profound. He never gives up and always finds a solution. Having him on the team is a real asset. Gary has a sharp mind with a generous heart. I am lucky to have him as the technical director of our team. "

— Marcus Schuler, ARD Correspondent

Technical Director: Gary Cruz

Behind the scenes for the 2020 election coverage

Live TV is definitely a lot more demanding that just streaming to the Internet. What I was doing behind the scenes was seen by millions of people live on their TV and on their mobile devices.

Behind the Scenes