Live-streaming to Multiple Locations from a Church to Funeral

YoloLive reached out to me and featured my video on their blog. I have been using multiple streaming technologies, but for funeral services, I have decided on using the YoloBox Pro because of the portability, ease of use, and multi-camera support.

Features Utilized

Setup and breakdown speed is critical in order to reduce any disruption of service to those who are attending and watching. Since the whole setup can fit on a tripod, there is a small foot print.

Livestream Setup

Why Amaze Studios?

As the Technical Director, I was hired to ┬áprovide the expertise and equipment to get the services live in front of thousands of people in a short amount of time. As a Catholic myself, I’m very familiar with the order of events. With my years of experience, I can also work around most issues that may come up.

For important events, I would always recommend hiring a professional. Contact me and I can send you a link to my funeral page for more details on why.

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Read more about my setup on YoloLiv

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