NCEFT: Rising Above Fundraiser

The NCEFT Livestream was a pre-recorded from beginning to end. This offered the following advantages:

  • The use of Teleprompters – unless you are a trained news anchor or YouTube influencer, using a teleprompter is very difficult! It is expected that one will have MULTIPLE takes if you haven’t used a teleprompter before.
  • A clear concise message – this is because it is fully scripted
  • Predictable outcome – when an event is truly live, expect the unexpected.
  • Closed Captioning – we used a closed captioning service that allowed us to make accurate captions.

Livestream Setup

Why Amaze Studios?

As the Technical Director, I was hired to bring in the equipment above to record and edit the footage with the pre-recorded content provided by the organization.

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Full Unedited Live Stream

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