Remote Live Streaming

With social distancing, I can also remotely switch between your presenters who are at home or office regardless of where they are in the world. All they need is a laptop with a camera and a good Internet connection (minimum of 4Mbps upload) to ensure that the quality is HD with no buffering with Zoom or Skype.

Zoom standard vs Zoom via Amaze Studios

We can spice up your Zoom meetings to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect layout, add animations, increase engagement with comments from YouTube or Facebook and more!

Watch an example

Remote live switching service?

This is a behind the scenes look at a technical dry run of a fundraising campaign. I initially had 9 Skype callers on the 1st dry run because there were a few others involved with the planning. In this video, I go over some tips and tricks on streaming a fundraiser.

On the video on the right give you a preview of what a remote technical director would do on your production. The TD is responsible for streamlining the live participants and to switch between live content and recorded content.

Example of a virtual fund raiser

This fundraiser was typically done in person at a nice hotel in the San Francisco Bay Area and would cater to 400 guests.

The virtual event gained as many 400 viewers and continues to gain views via YouTube search increasing the reach beyond the San Francisco Bay Area!

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What's included with Remote Live Stream?

This service is available globally since all the participants will be remote via Skype or Zoom. Stream your event from any location to anywhere. Here’s an example from Mercy High School Burlingame 2020 Graduation. This was their first live stream of their graduation, and also their very 1st REMOTE live stream since all the students were mandated Shelter In Place and dialed in through Zoom. The benefit here is that they were able to see everyone’s reaction on Zoom, but still had a flow of presentations from both live and pre-recorded content.

A big advantage of virtual graduations is that you can bring in speakers who could not travel. These could be alumni, special talent, family, or keynote speakers to inspire your graduates for the next chapter in their lives.

1 Hour Stream

Includes expert technical direction.

Stream to a CDN

Stream to YouTube, FaceBook or both and highlight comments.

Up to 6 presenters

Have up to 6 live participants presenting via Skype or Zoom.

6 pre-recorded videos

Up to 6 pre-recorded presenters or slideshows.

Zoom Gallery

Zoom gallery of students or guests.

3 dry runs

Make sure everyone knows what to expect in the live stream.


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If you read this far, it means that you’re destined to do better than 99% than your competition who is only looking to do basic streaming. You want your organization to stand out. Be rest assured that we will provide the highest level of service.